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a grouping of beautiful diversity, djembes reveal the link to our sister site, rhythm connection.

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find out how you can celebrate drumming in Central Texas

Austin, Tx 78757
512) 453.9090

DRUMZ includes many exercises and rhythm patterns for practice with a focus on developing a practice

play along to develop good hand technique as well as improve your listening skills/timing/precision

RHYTHMZ covers three West African rhythms , Fanga, kuku, and kakilambe

includes parts for djembe, djundun, shekeres and the songs for each rhythm

Parts are played slowly and then at tempo. Great practice CD for those newly on the drummer's path!


Performed live, Austin-style, at Ruta Maya. This unique performance provides you with a living moment affected by the power of the drum.

Drums call out to all ages, to the oneness of world.

Music for every stage, each transition with the wish that they will positively impact many.

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