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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

DISCOVERING THE MAGIC! A beginner's introductory workshop at DRUMZ with teacher, Sherry Gingras, will take place from 4pm-6pm on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 6th, 2009 at 3700 1/2 Kerbey Lane, in Austin. We will explore the the art of hand drumming, some history, the technique, some drumming rudiments, learn a song and a traditional West African-style rhythm, and also have an opportunity to create an in-the-moment closing rhythm with lots of percussive toys beyond just drums! The communication and listening skills we learn and employ when creating spontaneous music together are the same skills we can use to guide us to fuller, healthier relationships and experiences in our lives! If you have always felt a drummer lived inside just waiting for the right opportunity to come along to give voice to that musician inside, this could be it! Everyone is invited to attend! If you have a heartbeat, you HAVE rhythm! Rhythm is a very deep part of who we are as human beings and our need to find expression of rhythm with others is basic and important. In these workshops we learn ways to honor that need. No previous experience is necessary. Cost: $35. Drums and percussion instruments are provided for your use and are for sale. Please call to reserve your space! 512-453-9090. MC/VISA accepted by phone or you may pay the evening of the event.
I look forward to sharing a rhythm with you soon!
Sherry Gingras
Owner of DRUMZ

Monday, February 19, 2007

March 4th, Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm at DRUMZ
Beginner's Worshop
" Discovering the Magic of Hand drumming!" with Sherry Gingras.
This is an introductory workshop for those folks interested in finding out what this amazing hand drum experience is all about...and in time to hone your skills before Eyore's Birthday party and the city's largest drum circle!
We will learn on West African djembes and we will experience the joy of group music making . Hand technique will be covered, as well as some rhythm basics, a West African rhythm and song, and a closing circle where we will create a wonderful in-the-moment- musical piece together! Cost: $30 for two hours. Please call in advance to register. 453-9090 . MC/VISA accepted/ may be paid over the phone.Call to reserve you spot! Bring your family! Bring your friends! Spread the joy of community music making in our community!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Master Dancer and drummer , Moussa Diabate, from Guinea, West Arica will be in Austin on Feb. 3rd for a series of West African Hand Drumming workshops and African dance class! Moussa is a member of the Diabate family in West Africa. The Diabates are griots who tell the story of their people and preserve their history orallyand an intricate knowledge of the arts and music is required. Moussa has been teaching in the United States for many years after extensive travel around the world as a member of the Guinea Ballet. Moussa also lived in NYC for a number of years where he also taught as well as performed and choreographed. Moussa is a WONDERFUL teacher of both drum and dance and we welcome Moussa back again to Austin!

West African Drumming for all levels- 10am-noon cost $30
West African Drumming for Intermediate- 2pm-4pm cost $30
West African Dance Class-4:30-5:30pm cost $15
West African Drumming for Advanced students $30 (*please inquire if you are interested in this master class)

Call Sherry at DRUMZ to register for these workshops. Limited space available so please sign up early! MC/VISA accepted

Monday, October 02, 2006

Didgeridoo Workshop for Beginners to Advanced Players

My name is Eliot Stone, and didgeridoo is a very intense, passionate part of
my life. It is an instrument that has taught me many things about music, life
and myself. I have played with many of the worlds best non aboriginal players
and developed my style playing clubs and street corners in Amsterdam. I
believe that it is not only and instrument but an instructional tool as well.
In my 3 part workshop series, I plan on catering each workshop to a different
skill level. I have split the series up into 3 sequential Saturdays with each
Saturday representing a different skill level. This does not mean that someone
from a particular skill group cannot attend all three, as I plan on teaching
these workshops simply as a means to give you the skills to develop playing
techniques over time. Someone who attends the beginner workshop is encouraged
to attend all three just for the exposure to all the playing techniques that
are possible to learn. The workshops are all two hours in length and cost is $30 per workshop. My schedule for the workshops is as follows:

Saturday, October 14th @ Drumz on Kerbey Lane 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.-
Basic Didgeridoo playing techniques. In this lesson we will cover the basic
drone, tounge movements and their relation to harmonics and beat structures,
cheek rhythms, vocalizations and circular breathing. These techniques are what
I would consider to be the most basic movements in didgeridoo play and will
build a strong foundation for development over time. To attend this lesson,
you do not have to own a didgeridoo. I will provide instruments that you can
use and will also be for sale.

Saturday, October 21st @ Drumz on Kerbey Lane 10:00a.m.-12:00 p.m.-
Intermidiate Didgeridoo Playing techniques. In this lesson we will discuss
smoothing out circular breathing, intensifying harmonics, learning different
styles of circular breathing, and the development of diaphram beats. This
lesson will also discuss small amounts of percussion theory and time
signatures. We will also discuss the creation of melody through the didgeridoo
using vocalization. For this lesson, I would strongly recommend that you own a
didgeridoo because at this level of play, being able to practice regularly is
so key to being able to move forward and develop your own playing style.

Saturday, October 28th @ Drumz on Kerbey Lane 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m.-
Advanced Didgeridoo PLaying Techniques. In this lesson we will culminate all
the techniques learned in the previous lessons in order to develope not only
full songs, but also in order to discuss the development of your own personal
style. We will discuss traditional yolngu style tounge movements, european
style rhythms, and modern developments in didgeridoo play. We will listen to
many different recordings of different players such as mark atkins, si, 3ple-D
and many recordings of yolngu aborigional players. This lesson will guide you
in finding your own voice through the didge and guide you on your way to
personal and musical development.

Thank you very much for considering taking my workshop and I hope to see you
Eliot Stone

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Beginniner's Discovering the Magic Workshop Spring 2007 !
Sunday afternoon from 4pm-6pm on Feb. 25th, at DRUMZ, 3700 Kerbey Lane, we will have a hand drumming workshop for those folks just embarking on the "Drummer's Path", as well as those novices already on the path but with a limited amount of experience or class time under their belts! If you have curiosity about this "drum thing" spreading like wildfire around the country (and the world!)and want to learn a little more about what's happenin', or if you have always found yourself thumping out rhythm on everything within your reach, or if you have always known their was a musician hidden somewhere inside you who has just never been encouraged to show up and be counted, THIS is the workshop for you! Hand drumming is a very economical, accessible,and joyful path to the discovery and unfolding of your creative potential, increased energy, vitality,and overall health, balance, passion,relaxation, de-stressing,and self-discovery! Just to name a few! Learn to make music together in a community of supportive and compassionate people and feel your spirit soar!If you have a heartbeat, you HAVE rhythm! Rhythm is a part of our human core and though it may not have been nurtured in your life, it never abandons you and it is ALWAYS there for re-awakening! Drumming is a very powerful and positive way to connect to our own hearts and spirits while connecting and honoring the hearts of all those in our circle and in our world! Come learn the language and vocabulary of the drum, hand technique and some fun exercises to develop it, a West African rhythm and song, as well as our own spontaneous in-the-moment music piece we create together!Enjoy the FUN of learning the fundamentals of hand drumming with teacher, Sherry Gingras,at DRUMZ! Drums will be provided or bring your own. COST:$30. MC/VISA Accepted. Please register in advance by calling 453-9090 or email Sherry at

Friday, June 09, 2006

Beginner's Discovering the Magic Summer I

July 23rd from 4-6pm at DRUMZ, 3700 Kerbey Lane. This will be a two hour introductory workshop for those folks who are curious about this amazing " drum thing" happenin' all over the world and just embarking on the drummer's path and those novices who want to strengthen and expand their foundation! No previous musical experience necessary! Bring your dancing hands and an open heart and come learn the basics of hand drumming, including how to choose a drum, tuning a hand drum, drum circvle ettiquette, improvisation, and a West African traditional rhythm and song and all the parts ( bell, shekere,djembe and djundun!) These classes are really a FUN way to learn the fun-damentals of hand drumming, Austin-style! Cost: $20.
Please call Sherry at 453-9090 to register or email her at MC/VISA accepted. Please call soon to reserve your space as these Intro workshops generally fill up. DRUMS ARE PROVIDED OR BRING YOUR OWN!