Information about the classes at Drumz Austin

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beginner's Introduction to Hand Drumming workshop will be held at DRUMZ on May 7th from 7pm-9pm with long time Austin hand drum teacher and DRUMZ owner, Sherry Gingras! "DICOVERING THE MAGIC OF HAND DRUMMING", Celebrating Creativity, Compassion and Communication , is a workshop designed for beginners and novices who have just begun their journey on the drummer's path! If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm! Join us and explore and discover new ways to reconnect to your own heart and spirit while at the same time connecting to the hearts and rhythms of each person in the circle. Learning to listen more deeply to the heart, our inner drum, helps us each REMEMBER the time and space at the core of our being that is in complete harmony and time with ALL things. No previous musical experience is necessary and drums are provided for your use and for sale!

Indigenous cultures have always recognized the significance of the arts and music in their lives and have always used creative arts, rhythm, movement to help people connect to the community and to connect to the highest part of one's self! The sharing and expressing of rhythm with others is a human birthright and is an important part of being human. Through group drumming and community music making we strengthen and establish strong community bonds and our combined drum voice can become a voice for our collective spirit....our community! The barriers we have constructed around our differences can melt away and we are inspired and uplifted by our common humanity....our oneness with all things. We ARE the music! We ARE the rhythm!

Join us for this fun two hours and learn the FUN-damentals of hand drumming, the drum language, some exercises to develop hand technique, a traditional African rhythm and song, and experience an improvisational closing rhythm where we are invited to play any instrument in the store and empower our group intention with our collective musical creation!
Please feel free to call Sherry at 453-9090 to register or for more information. COST:$30
Space is limited so please call early to reserve your spot!