Things happening with Drumz Austin

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

DRUMZ will be re-locating to it's new home at 3700 Kerbey Lane ( the BIG house in front of the little cottage that has been the home of DRUMZ for these first three year!)It is going to be a wonderful renewed space and I am very excited about this transition! Movin' on up! Please stay tuned for the ABSOLUTE opening date, but it is looking like we may be able to make the move around April 15th!Please see our section under "CLASSES" if you are interested in participating in our new class, HOUSEPAINTING 101, which will be offered for FREE at DRUMZ starting the first week in April!Details under"classes" or call Sherry at DRUMZ, 453-9090, for more information and to register for this exciting new class offering!
See you on the path, groovemakers!