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happy client, primrose schools
“There is nothing quite like the rhythm and sound of African drumming  and chanting to develop a mood of creativity, imagination, and freedom in your people.”
“My staff still sing the chants they learned from Ms. Gingras over two years ago.”

Robert A. Benowitz Executive Vice President of Operations
Primrose School

Leader in Educational Child Careshaker, percussion and rhythm instruments provided

Wake up to a new level of awareness 
and  sensitivity, of passion and energy!

Group drumming offers a vehicle for 
self-expression, communication, for 
celebration, and connection.
Through our group music making  we experience the power of unity, hone our listening and communication skills, strengthen our commitment to the whole while retaining our individuality, and empower our common mission. 

Throughout history all indigenous cultures used drumming as a pathway to energize and heal, build,  strengthen and celebrate community bonds. 

Gathering in a circle to represent 
equality, unity, and possibility, 
everyone is supported and invited to 
participate and contribute to the whole, 
every voice honored and each 
individual's unique gifts and strengths recognized. 

In a centered, connected community, inner wisdom, leadership skills, self-confidence,and academic excellence  become accessible, and creativity, learning and healthy communication flourish. 

These powerful and positive effects 
can profoundly influence our lives, our 
organizations and businesses, and our 
communities at large. 

No previous musical experience is necessary, if you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm.

“Sherry Gringas makes people feel at ease with the instrument, and helps them create beautiful rhythms they didn't realize possible.  A group class with Sherry is a wonderful way for a group to build trust and friendship...”

The Rev. Janet Maykus
Principal, College of Pastoral Leaders
Director, Christian Leadership Education
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
100 E. 27th Street
Austin, Texas  78705

Sherry Gingras

Team Building & Personal Growth

“with a few basic instructions ...we were drumming and having a ball”



“You continue to be rated among the top three most influential speakers/programs of their year in LTASB. What a gem you and the ensemble are to me and my program.”

Bill Rutherford

“I realized the similarities drumming with others in a circle have with organizational leadership and change. Taurus' executive team decided to take group drum lessons at DRUMZ in order to learn more about those lessons drumming has to offer around leadership and team building.

William Mcleroy
CEO/Owner Taurus Training and Doggie Playday
September 13, 2008


“Sherry is an amazing teacher, full of positive energy. She instills wonder and exploration in her drumming workshops and inspires others to learn this beautiful art. The studio rocks when she visits... magical!”

Adelle Brewer, Synergy Studio

corporate drum events for team
building and personal