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Drumz Culture

Deep within every human being there is a place that is in complete harmony, total unity with the source, Uiversal Oneness, God/Goddess, The Great Spirit, what ever one chooses to name divinity. Music is a doorway to divinity and provides each of us with the opportunity to connect to something deeper, fuller, greater, more meaningful than ourselves alone.

Discovering that our connection to music and rhythm is an important and vital part of our humanity is crucial to our evolution, particularly that of our highly "civilized" Western world. Without rhythm our world would not exist. When we become re-connected to the PULSE of life, our passion is rekindled and our creativity is fueled. And, when we are able to remain connected to the pulse of life, our creative juices can infuse everything that we do!

Drumz is committed to providing the very highest quality of skillfully crafted and artfully designed drums and rhythm instruments from around the world. Each instrument is a work of art with music making potential. We believe that these instruments, beyond providing sheer joy and unimaginable fun, have the potential to heal us, awaken us to our creative potential, transform us and transport us to deeper levels of consciousness, sensitivity and awareness.


We believe that individuals and our collective communities can be strengthened, empowered, and brought back into balance and wholeness through the medicine of these instruments. We believe our creative potential can be unlocked, ignited, and expressed through the music and rhythms of these extraordinary tools.

When we liberate the spirit living inside ourselves through the creative expression of music and art, we give the Universe a gift without which it would never be the same. It seems that one of the primary reasons we are here on this planet is to discover our passions and the pathways to their creative expression.

My hope and my intention is that Drumz offer you some tools and the inspiration to open your heart, connect to your spirit and discover new pathways of creative expression through music and rhythm. It is our hope that we move together toward peace on Earth and universal understanding as we begin to live our lives more in alignment with our true nature, the essence of which is love and compassion. And our commitment is that the collective spirit of our world be lifted and inspired....beat by beat by beat.

Axe Axe.
Sherry Gingras
Owner, DRUMZ