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rainstick, didge

Lovely delicate sounds with an extremely long sustain make this 3' bamboo rainstick stand out

price includes S&H
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Easy to play, painted PVC pipe didgeridoos are perfect for beginners! Great sound! Comes with a lovely tie-dyed didgeridoo bag AND an instructional CDrom!

hand painted bands or dot painted ornate

styles & colors vary

price includes S&H
Amt: No.
faux bois  

Beautifully swirling colors decorate these PVC didges with a large flared base.

Colors vary

Priced from $95-$300. Call or email for details of in stock selection or to special order in a certain key.
Hand selected agave from Texas deserts form these natural, vibrant didges with pure, deep tones and great resonance. Handmade by a local Texas expert craftsman and didge player. Unique and one of a kind. Various keys and sizes.
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