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Djembe, of African origin, has a goatskin head, three basic tones, and is rope tuned.
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"One djembe is a masterpiece, carried out in a noble wood, by noble men."

Crafted by master woodcarvers and percussionnists of Mali, Kangaba Djembes offer a warm and powerful vibration.

Each Kangaba djembe is unique and may be created from: lingué, dugura, djala or guéni wood. Call to inquire or specify.

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Extraordinary Djembes

Hand carved in Guinea and Mali & headed with premium ropes to insure superior tuning and quality of sound.

Made of hare, guene, and linque woods. Contact us to specify country of origin and wood.

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ivory coast  

Authentic craftsmanship marries standard sizing with remarkable results.

Typified by black rope, often bearing unique carvings, our Ivory Coast djembes are each hand hewn from a single log of Iroca wood.

Available with (shown) or without fur

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We have a stunning variety of mother of pearl inlaid drums from Bali bali  

These drums exhibit the strengths of the balinesian artisans known for their skill at intricate and beautiful carvings.

Available in two styles; The inlaid authentic mother of pearl djembe and the exquisite Tree Goddess Drum, also with a mother-of-pearl inlay.


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